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Jiangsu Dongdu Textile Group Co., Ltd.


It's better—伊思貝得

It's better ecological children’s wear is a children’s wear brand strongly recommended by Jiangsu Dongdu Textile Group, and it has been evaluated as national inspection-free product, Jiangsu famous product and China's ecological fiber product.
We adopt fabrics without formaldehyde and heavy metal components and pollution-free and non-toxic dyes. According to characteristics of consumers, the company has introduced tensile test machine and neck tensile test machine to check every detail of our garments for ensuring the security of our products.
Taking “health, safety, environment protection, and comfort” as theme and according to the body structure of children, we aim to produce quality products, with comfort feeling, state-of-art of design idea and precise producing method.
To meet your demands on the children's garments, we are working hard on the research and development of children’s garments. With our hard work, we hope we will make contributions to the further development of environment-friendly children’s garments.
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